Dorico is for anyone working with music notation

Whether you are a composer or arranger, a student or educator, an engraver or publisher, or work with music for media, Dorico is for you. It’s the music notation software that helps you to create beautiful music, and makes it look beautiful on the page – whether it’s destined for the concert hall, the scoring stage, the classroom, or the studio.

Composers and arrangers

Whether you’re writing for the concert hall, church, theater or scoring stage, Dorico gives composers and arrangers everything you need to be creative and efficient.

Total freedom

Dorico is the only scorewriter you can freely compose into. In other software, once you’ve input your music it becomes rigid — difficult to edit and adapt. Dorico changes all of that. Its expert understanding of notation and engraving lets you change music freely, while it takes care of the rest. Insert or delete notes, bars, clefs or time signatures, alter rhythms any way you like, and Dorico re-notates the music as clearly as possible.

Multiple movements

Dorico is the only scoring program that handles multi-section projects properly. Each Dorico project can any number of movements, pieces, sketches, songs or exercises — even with varying instrumentation. Combine them in any combination to produce a finished result.

Special notations

Dorico has complete support for modern techniques — including sophisticated chord symbols, complex tuplets, microtonality, unbarred music and complex meters. So you can write whatever you like without clumsy workarounds.

Playback and sequencing

Dorico produces compelling playback and audio files using the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library included, or any VST 3-compatible virtual instrument. Plus it’s the only professional scorewriter with sequencing built-in, so you can edit MIDI data directly, such as key switches and VST Expression.

Portable and scalable

Today’s composer has to be able to work anywhere, and Dorico can travel wherever you go. Its streamlined user interface fits comfortably on your laptop screen, but also scales up to for studio use with multiple monitors and other gear.

Always fast and responsive

However big or small your project — from a simple song to a whole symphony, opera or show — Dorico’s performance will never slow you down. Designed to take advantage of today’s 64-bit multi-core CPUs, Dorico stays responsive even with the largest projects.

Engravers, publishers and copyists

Dorico helps music engravers and publishers get beautiful results more efficiently than any other software. Today’s engravers, copyists and publishers demand results that meet exacting standards — but with ever tightening deadlines and costs. Dorico produces beautiful results more efficiently than any other software, helping you produce publications of the very highest quality — on time and on budget.

No detail too small

You have an eye for the smallest details, and know that hundreds of fine points add up to more than the sum of their parts. Based on years of research with experts, Dorico emulates the finest traditions of music engraving by master craftsmen, producing beautifully balanced and laid-out results by default.

Superior spacing

Nothing affects the legibility of printed music more than rhythmic spacing and vertical placement of systems and staves. Dorico’s excellent horizontal and vertical spacing, with comprehensive collision avoidance and unique kerning capabilities, virtually eliminates the need for manual tweaking. You’ll save hours on every project.

Control where it counts

Dorico gives expert users multiple levels of control — from whole project notation and engraving settings to local rules, right down to individual tweaks. Once you’ve found the perfect combination, apply your settings to every new project, or create dedicated styles for each client or type of publication.

DTP layout

There’s more to the perfect publication than simply typesetting the music. Control every aspect of page layout with Dorico’s unique and powerful DTP features, such as chainable frames for music, text and graphics. Freely mix text, graphics and music on the same page, and set up master pages to make layouts perfectly consistent.

Output multiple formats

Only Dorico supports multiple layouts within the same project. This lets you create output formats with different combinations of instruments, page and staff sizes. Conductor’s score, rehearsal score, study score and instrumental parts can all be created from the same file, with no compromises. Then export them as true monochrome PDFs with a single click.

Teachers and students

Dorico is a perfect tool for students, and helps teachers and educators produce assignments and arrangements. As a student writing music for school, university or performance, you need an efficient program that does everything you need and more. As an educator producing teaching materials and arrangements or assessing submitted work, you need a time-saving tool that understands notation as well as you do.

Perfect portability

Dorico runs beautifully on your laptop, so you can capture a moment of inspiration or complete an assignment wherever you are. Its simple, streamlined user interface fits comfortably on a single display, with fast keyboard access to every feature — ideal for student laptops. And no need for external keypads, MIDI devices or other hardware.

Assignments and teaching materials

Teachers often need to produce assignments and hand-outs for students, mixing music, text and graphics on the same page. Dorico’s powerful and flexible page layout features make this the work of moments.

Modern notations

Students using modern techniques such as open meter, complex tuplets and microtonality often have to use clumsy workarounds in other software. Dorico’s rich support for advanced notations makes it far easier to get your ideas down on paper.

Universal Indian Drum Notation

Dorico is the only scoring software to support Universal Indian Drum Notation, the new notation system for tabla and other Indian drums, from Keda Music, designed by internationally renowned tabla player Kuljit Bhamra MBE. You and your students will be able to write music for these expressive, beautiful instruments quickly and easily.

Great-sounding playback

Using Dorico’s playback features, teachers and educators can quickly produce recordings for students to rehearse to, while students mock up works in progress to check how they sound before the music hits the stand. Built upon Steinberg’s world-class audio engine and virtual instruments, Dorico’s playback is easy to use.

Media musicians

Dorico helps anyone producing music for film, TV, games or other media handle complex workflows — and meet the tightest deadlines. With Dorico in your toolbox, you will be able to handle more and more steps in a single application.

Composing to picture

Attach a video to your project and play it back in sync via a dedicated video window, or view thumbnails in Play mode. Add markers for crucial moments in the action and use tempo automation to make them line up with bars and beats, or use the Find Tempo panel to find a tempo for the whole cue.

Hollywood score and part formatting

With comprehensive options for large time signatures, bar number placements, and casting off fixed numbers of bars per system and systems per page, it’s quick and easy to produce full score and part layouts that will look right at home on the music stands of a Hollywood scoring stage.

Roll with the changes

When a new edit comes down with cuts or insertions, you won’t break a sweat. Insert individual beats or bars, change bar number sequences, delete or insert barlines, rebar music into new meters, and more besides. Dorico performs edits big and small in an instant — making all necessary adjustments itself to give you clear, correct notation.

Import and export

Dorico imports and exports MusicXML and MIDI files with excellent results, so whether the job starts in a sequencer and ends in scoring software or vice versa, you can move back and forth between programs with ease.

Fast part preparation

Producing parts that session players will play perfectly on the first take requires years of experience. Dorico does virtually all the work for you in an instant, producing crystal-clear notation and engraving, with powerful layout features and extensive options and rules to cover every case.

MIDI editing and mock-ups

When the director needs to hear a mock-up or temp track, Dorico’s playback will take the strain. Handle complex playing technique using VST Expression Maps, and manipulate MIDI events directly in Dorico’s built-in piano roll editor. With a full set of effects and flexible audio routing, you can even mix directly in Dorico. When the time comes to take your project to the next stage, export MIDI to Cubase or other DAWs — every playing technique goes on its own track for easier mapping onto your existing template.